Getting to know, How it works What Is XEN Crypto?

XEN Crypto PRICE :

XEN is an ERC-20 token built on top of Ethereum. Founded by Jack Levin, creator of ImageShack and Nventify and a former early engineer at Google.

According to Coinmarketcap, XEN operates with a mission to grow a community of like-minded developers through tokens with unique tokenomics.


That is, the project wants to return to Bitcoin's original mission of giving people access tocrypto- a decentralized, self-sufficient, and censor-resistant one that is fully open source and community-first.

Everyone has the same opportunity to become a miner and XEN Coin holder. This project is highly dedicated to the idea of ​​decentralization in crypto. This means XEN owners are their own keepers.

it is also an open source smart contract that is not owned by anyone. Also, one of the unique aspects of XEN is the fact that it is a free-generated token.

All a potential user needs to do is connect a compatible wallet with Ethereum to the XEN smart contract.

How XEN Works

According to litepaper XEN iscryptocurrency popular overbought and lesser known ones suffer from pre-mining and whale accumulation. This is why XEN designed its tokenomics in such a way that the value of the token comes from community participation and use.

XEN is easy to join the community too. All one needs to do to create XEN is connect their Ethereum compatible wallet to the XEN smart contract.

So wallets like MetaMask and ETH to pay for gas or gas fees are all one needs to get started.

Disclaimer: Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto.

How to Buy XEN Tokens?

To buy XEN token crypto, you must have a compatible crypto wallet with Ethereum network, for example Metamask & Trust Wallet. Prepare fundsgas fee around US$ 1 to US$ 5 forminting these tokens.

Next, you can follow these steps.

  1. Connect your crypto wallet with XEN, access the website here
  2. Set a time contract forminting token XEN
  3. Claim your XEN rank
  4. Sign the transaction minting
  5. Paygas fee
  6. You can print tokens until your contract expires

Xen Crypto Price Prediction

Based on the data table, XEN is up 58.21 percent for almost the last three months, while judging from its market capitalization, XEN is still considered relatively small which indicates that XEN's price can be very volatile compared to its larger market capitalization.

During all major market moves. However, with steady growth let's say for the last three full months, XEN is assumed to have the potential to grow further so that it can generate some big profits. Once again, you have to be careful and think carefully about buying it.

Please note that our analysis is purely XEN based and not financial advice at all. You should always do your research and be careful when investing in cryptocurrencies.
If you want to see the XEN crypto price, you can see the price and also its movement in the table below :

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