IMPT's New Eco-Friendly Crypto Token

Hello guys, kamumauvector friends, this time we will discuss in detail about the IMPT token that you need to know, where is the direction of the price movement, whether it will go up or down, as well as an explanation and how to buy IMPT tokens. Check out this article until it's finished, guys!

In dealing with the uncertain global climate crisis in recent years, there have been many changes made in creating ideas about environmentally friendly processes from both individuals and companies.

So that gave birth to the need to create something that is environmentally friendly to help people in efforts to reduce the negative impact on our environment in the era of global warming and uncertain climate change as it is today.

IMPT is one of the projects that will dominate the emission reduction sector due to its innovative features.

IMPT Token Overview

The IMMOPET (IMPT) token remains in the spotlight as it has raised over USD 1 million in less than 24 hours to presale which ends on December 11.

Its mission is to connect consumers around the world with hundreds of environmental projects supported by thousands of well-known companies as a form of responsible footprint carbon that they produce.

When someone makes a purchase using, a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations working to reduce the impact of climate change. In just two months, the project has raised over USD 17.5 million, and the business announced today that IMPT will be listed on the stock exchange at a price of USD 0.0253.

Launching the Cryptonews page, Sunday (11/12/2022), after the presale is over, the IMPT token will be listed on LBank and Changelly, and listed on seven other exchanges.

At the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok earlier this week, CEO Denis Creighton and CTO Mike English also attended as keynote speakers on the topic of climate change.

The speech entitled "The Planet's Loyalty Program” explained how the project plans to use blockchain technology and NFTs to increase transparency in the carbon credit market.

Simply put, IMPT is a new cryptocurrency project with the potential to change the carbon credit industry significantly. 

The ability to obtain carbon credits is what makes IMPT so tempting. Users can easily buy carbon credits through their normal buying activities instead of having to go through a complicated investment process.

Leveraging the power of the Ethereum blockchain, the IMPT ecosystem enables users to easily buy, sell and trade carbon credits by setting them up as NFTs and providing unique benefits to all stakeholders.

All of this is made possible by relationships IMPT with thousands of major companies in retail, electronics, travel and other industries.

According to the IMPT whitepaper, these companies will donate a portion of their profits to a beneficial cause. When customers make purchases, extra benefits are provided to them in the form of IMPT tokens in their digital wallets. As a native ERC-20 token of the platform, IMPT tokens can be exchanged for carbon credits in the ecosystem.

The fact that IMPT encourages individuals and businesses to adopt more environmentally friendly practices makes it a promising cryptocurrency to watch in 2018.

Carbon credits as NFTs also help eliminate the 'double-spend' problem plaguing today's market, making it a more secure and open system overall.

Key Points on the IMPT Token is a crypto project focused on reducing carbon output through the use of carbon credits and an innovative social media platform created to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint.

IMPT has a team of industry leaders with years of experience. And this level of transparency is very high, which bodes well for the project's longevity and growth

The project has partnered with more than 10,000 of the world's leading brands. This will help the project get in front of a large audience.

The innovative use of blockchain technology allows the platform to provide verifiable carbon credits and eliminates the risk of fraud associated with these carbon credits.

Currently the IMPT project is still in phase 1 of the pre-sale by providing 600 million tokens at a price of $0.018 which is up for grabs.

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Is It Necessary To Purchase IMPT Tokens?

This so-called eco-friendly crypto seems to be in the right position for a fairly promising scope of work now because it is with a theme that supports nature sustainability. 

This means that this token is one of the best long-term crypto investments of the year. And growth is just one of the reasons to stock up on IMPT tokens during their pre-sale.

Will the IMPT Token Price Increase Drastically?

In the future, the natural sustainability of the carbon offset sector is growing very fast. The carbon offset market is divided into two, namely the mandatory carbon offset market and the voluntary carbon offset market (VCM). 

IMPT will operate in both of these market types. With a mandatory market growth of 128% since 2008 and VCM expected to grow 25x by 2050, IMPT could experience enormous growth in the coming years.

According to its white paper, IMPT has partnered with several big and prominent brands which are likely to be announced in the coming months. 

Thus, we can see how much IMPT has grown after its release. IMPT is expected to retail for $0.0280 during the presale in phase three, so it can be assumed that IMPT will likely be listed for between $0.028 to $0.06.

Please note, as of the discussion in this article, we are not suggesting or forcing you to purchase these tokens. Understand and think carefully!


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