Putin explains the role of the CIA in triggering the Russia-Ukraine conflict, in his interview with Tucker Carlson

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, stated in an interview with journalist and founder of the video platform Tucker Carlson Network, on Thursday (08/02), that the armed opposition in Kyiv had staged a coup in Ukraine. In overthrowing the government, the CIA from the United States took part in the coup.

He stated that technically, the CIA did everything right to achieve their goal of changing the government. But politically, this was a significant mistake.

“Here, of course, the political leadership did not carry out its duties properly. Political leaders should see what will happen if this happens,” he said.

It was emphasized that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began because of a coup in Ukraine. This is where the calculation error occurs. The CIA managed to complete its task successfully in carrying out the coup. "In my opinion, one of the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs stated that they even spent a significant amount of funds, almost five billion dollars," he explained.

And Ukraine's current government has stated that it will not comply with the previously signed Minsk accords. This is an agreement that outlines plans to achieve peace in Donbass.

Russia continues to call on the leaders of the United States and European countries to immediately stop this process and ensure that the Minsk agreements are implemented.

“And it all came to this situation when in Ukraine they announced: no, we will not (do) anything. We began preparing for military action. They started the war in 2014. Our (Russian) goal is to stop this war. And we're not starting it in 2022, this is an effort to stop it," he said.

Currently, Russia has not achieved its goals, one of which is denazification. “Denazification. "After gaining independence, Ukraine began to search, as some analysts in the West say, for its identity," Putin said.

It was said that negotiations had previously been carried out which reached a very high stage in agreeing on the positions of a complex process. But it's still almost finished.

But after Russia withdrew troops from Kyiv, the other party, Ukraine, canceled all these agreements and considered the instructions of Western countries – Europe, the United States – to fight with Russia until the bitter end. And Ukraine's President has legally banned negotiations with Russia.

“He signed a decree prohibiting everyone from negotiating with Russia. But how do we negotiate if he bans himself and bans everyone else. We know that he put forward some ideas about resolving this. "But to agree on something, dialogue is necessary, isn't it," said Putin

Vladimir Putin stated that he had informed President Joe Biden about the US's support for Ukraine before the special military operation in Ukraine. Later, I expressed to him that I believed he had made a very big mistake in history by supporting everything that was happening in Ukraine by excluding Russia. "I have communicated this to him, and I conveyed the message to him several times," he explained.

He stated that if the conflict is to be stopped, the step that needs to be taken is to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. And in a few weeks, this conflict will be over.

Why should I contact him (Biden). What to ask or what to ask. Are you (Biden) planning to provide different weapons supplies to Ukraine? Oh, I am scared, I am scared, please don't go. "What needs to be expressed (to Biden)," he said.

However, if Poland attacks Russia, Russia will attack Poland. Putin clarified that Russia has no positive interests in Poland or Latvia, except in one case where there was an attack on Russia from Poland.

However, statements by Chuck Schumer, a senior senator, who argued that funds should continue to be allocated to Ukraine or that American troops should be involved in fighting in Ukraine, were considered worthless provocative actions. I am confused as to why American troops had to be involved in fighting in Ukraine. There were soldiers there who were paid from the United States. Poland has the largest number of mercenaries, followed by the United States and Georgia as second and third place. If there is a desire to send regular troops, this will bring humanity to the edge of a very serious global conflict. "It is evident," she said.

He stated that currently the United States is facing various problems at the border, migration problems, and a national debt problem of more than 33 trillion dollars. "Is there no other choice but to go to war in Ukraine, United States?" he asked.

So, it would be better to reach an agreement with Russia. In order to reach an agreement, it is important for us to understand the current situation and accept that Russia will pursue its interests to the end. By understanding this, which is essentially common sense, we need to start respecting our country, our interests and our views," said Vladimir Putin.

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