How to download fonts on Dafont on the latest Android and iPhone phones in 2023

This time, the Kamumauvector team will provide a tutorial on how to download fonts on the famous font download site Dafont.

Over time, more and more sites have sprung up on the internet that provide free font download services. The reason is, not a few people want cooler and more attractive fonts so they don't feel bored when writing on a laptop/computer or smartphone.


Dafont is a site where you can download fonts for free. Dafont offers various types of fonts that are quite complete, therefore you can choose a font that suits each type on this site.

Font or writing style is a typeface that has a size and has a certain style. Here we will thoroughly explore the following tutorial:

· how to use dafont fonts on cellphone

· how to download fonts on dafont iphone

· how to download fonts on cellphone

· how to use fonts from dafont on a laptop

· how to use fonts from dafont in alight motion

· how to use fonts from dafont on picsart

· how to use fonts from dafont on android

· how to use fonts from dafont on instagram

How to Download Fonts on Dafont

Please refer to our review to the end to be able to understand how to download and install fonts from the site, you will immediately understand if you read this review carefully and will be able to download it yourself on your cellphone or computer.

The method and process for downloading fonts on the site is very easy, so you don't need to worry about downloading fonts on the dafont site. If you have never downloaded a font before and don't understand how, you don't need to hesitate because we will share how to download and install fonts on the site.

How to Download Fonts in Dafont on Android & iPhone Phones

To download fonts on your cellphone or computer, you have the same method. For you cellphone or computer users, the method is no different, please see the method we share below.
  • The first step, please open the official dafont website, namely https:/
  • Then please select the font category as you wish, then you select the font to download as you wish.
  • Next, please click the download button next to the font you selected.
  • Wait until the download process is complete and you can install the font.
If you have downloaded the font file from, then we will also share how to install it. If you don't install the font that has been downloaded, the font cannot appear on the device you are using, both a cellphone and a computer. Below we will share a way to install fonts from the dafont site on a laptop or computer device, please refer to the following.

1. The first step, please extract the font file that was previously downloaded by using the Winrar application or other similar application.

2. Then please select a font file that has a ttf or otf format, then right-click on the ttf or otf file.

3. Finally click install for all users to be able to install the font from the dafont.

That's the way to download and install fonts from the site, very easy right? Please just go ahead and try it yourself on the device you are currently using so that the font looks cooler and more attractive.
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