Life Game | 6 Life Games Simulator That Make You Forget Your Girlfriend Until You Lose Time!

life game

Life Game simulator is a game genre that really needs patience and perseverance by its users.

Sometimes this game can be said to be fun, it can also be said to be very boring. However, if we have found a gap in the fun, we will surely be addicted to forget that we have a boyfriend.

There are many life games simulator out there, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are confused about which life simulator to play, try the following life game recommendations.

1. Virtual Villager

Virtual Villagers Life Game

If you are a fan of survival games, Virtual Villager is the answer!. This game is very suitable to be played for you lovers of survival games.

In this game, there is a group of people who are trapped on a desert island and demand that they survive.

You can also have a family or you can hunt just to meet your daily food needs.

Virtual Villagers has many series with the excitement of each in each series.

Starting from the first to the fifth series, you can enjoy it via the computer.

2. Two Point Hospital

Are any of you connoisseurs of medical and business games? Now in the life game simulator you can try to play this one game.

With the concept of building a hospital business until it becomes advanced and growing, the level of excitement in this game is even higher.

In this game. You can upgrade medical devices which can later facilitate your business in this game.

You can play this game on Playstation PS4 or computer.

3. Avakin Life

This game has a concept that tells of a person who is trying to survive in a city. That said, this game is quite relatable to real world life.

This game brings things that smell of career, romance and money that can bring its own excitement when playing this game.

You can get this game using PS4 as the medium.

5. Pocket Academy

Almost like Two Point Hospital, in this game you are required to be able to manage and build schools in various aspects.

You also take care of the activities of the students at the school to be able to excel and hold any school events that you want to make.

In this game there are ranks with their own advantages that you can achieve if the mission is completed.

Because of this, you will never regret if you add this game to your game life list.

6. Virtual Families

Not much different from Virtual Villagers, in this game you simulate the life of a family with the aim of completing a mission.

You can increase the number of families so that you have many siblings in this game.

In addition, the age of each character will definitely get older over time. So real right? Therefore, this game must also be included in your game life list.

Those are six life simulator games that can make you forget your girlfriend and forget the time because you are amazed by the excitement.

Please try one by one to fill the empty time while on vacation. That is all and thank you.

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