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 - Ultras (derived from the Latin ultra, which means to surpass in English, with the implication that their enthusiasm is 'outside' normal) in other words a form of support for their favorite club that exceeds fans, spectators, fans, especially football enthusiasts. They are mostly European Club Supporters. The behavioral tendencies of ultras groups include the use of flares-especially in choreography-tifosi, vocal support in large groups, opposing rulers and the display of banners in football stadiums, which are used to create an atmosphere that intimidates opposing players and opposing supporters, as well as encouraging their team. alone. Consistency of rivals with opposing supporters, The actions of ultra fan groups can sometimes be too extreme and are sometimes influenced by racial violence, political ideologies, cross-towns, derbies between clubs from the same city, and even from a "Rich-Poor" rivalry. club in terms of financial and title.

ULTRAS emerged strongly in Italy in the late 1960s when football teams reduced ticket prices in certain areas of the stadium. The term is rarely used in England, but goes by other names such as hardcore fans, or hooligans.

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The First Ultras group was Hadjuk's Split Torcida which was founded in 1950 who was a supporter of the Hajduk Split Team...Then it appeared again in the Italian pizza country "Fedelissimi Granata" was founded in Turin in 1951 for KEBO MERDA supporters and followed by Maratona curva who were Sampdoria Ultras which appeared in 1969 (these were the first to call themselves "Ultra"), then there again In 1986 in Serbia, Red Star Belgrade Ultras Group also formed

Ultras group usually led by a core group (which tends to have exclusive control of the whole group) , with smaller subgroups. The ultra style is a mix of several supportive styles, such as scarf-waving and singing. Ultra groups get exclusive rights in terms of Spectator Seats from hundreds if not thousands of other Spectators, and often claim entire sections of a stadium for themselves.

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Ultra groups tend to be very vocal and "Hyper" Active at matches, with each group having some singing and typical movement. The melodies are mostly taken from popular songs, such as "Guantanamera" and "7 Nation Army". Other popular songs, sung in its entirety include "Ciao Bella" and "ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)". In his activities, a group leader (Lead), often uses a megaphone to coordinate various activities of the entire group, including singing, songs, and banners.

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Generally, the ULTRAS groups, especially in Italy, have a hostility towards so-called modern football, which refers to stadium seating, more expensive tickets, players being bought and sold as merchandise, and the over-commercialization of football in recent years. generally. it can be seen on the banner stating "contro Il Calcio Moderno" which is commonly seen in Italian stadiums, and has also appeared in other parts of Europe.

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